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Saved my life!
Saved my life! I knew that when I had pushed away and hurt everyone that I loved, that I had hit an all-time low and was as unhappy and miserable as I felt. I had almost lost hope with all of the treatment programs that I had tried and failed. Only Substance Treatment Center Knoxville worked - they gave me hope again, helped me understand substance dependency, and taught me methods to get sober and stay that way. I think that without Substance Treatment Center Knoxville, I would be alone, miserable, and living on the streets - maybe even dead. Instead, I have my loved ones back again, I've got a great job, and the support I need to keep clean and sober, and healthy.
, Saved my life!Dec 17, 2012

You'll get clean and sober!
Finally successful! This wasn’t my first try at rehabilitation, however, it is the first one that worked. Substance Treatment Center Knoxville has a great rehabilitation program, and if you work it you'll get clean and sober!
, Knoxville Jun 3, 2013

Highly efficient!
Highly efficient! Substance Treatment Center Knoxville’s treatment centers and houses were all beautiful, and helped make my rehab experience effective and successful. They’re great!
, KnoxvilleMar 23, 2010

Incredibly efficient!
Incredibly efficient! I felt like I was in rehab against my will, so when I arrived at Substance Treatment Center Knoxville I wouldn’t open up and communicate in group or one-on-one meetings. I believed that nobody would be able to understand me, or my problems with drug addiction, and that rehab wouldn't work. However, after I started to listen to the stories of others in treatment, I noticed that a lot of us had experienced the same problems. Soon I began to participate, open up, and get stronger and healthier. Substance Treatment Center Knoxville’s kind and understanding rehab program actually saved my life!
, KnoxvilleFeb 15, 2013

I am able to reconnect with my family!
Completely efficient! Thank you, Substance Treatment Center Knoxville, very much! Because of them, I have my life back, I am able to reconnect with my family, and I've got a great job in order to support my family. I would recommend their detox and rehabilitation services for anybody who wants to alter their life!
, Knoxville Mar 14, 2012

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